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Originally written April 10, 2012.

Xodius remains mobile, carrying a druid who in some ways, must feel like kin. Corruption and druids are not two terms that often play hand-in-hand, yet the two together have become commonplace since the Shattering. The Nightmare and Druids of the Flame are two corrupted varieties I have personally counted and fought in the dozens, and now the Templars lays claim to both with the labels of Templar and prisoner.


Mordenoc, as his true name is known, is a druid corrupted by the Nightmare. At least we assume, the Templars is largely ill-suited to understand the intricacies of the Emerald Dream. Xodius understands far more about this druid's affliction, and has shouldered the task of keeping the prisoner out of enemy's reach. It is time to give him more aid, before other events transpire and leave Xodius vulnerable.


This Nightmare druid has spread his curse to another, and claims that if he dies, she will inherit the full breadth of the curse. It may be an empty threat, but it is not something we are keen to risk. We still seek a solution that will leave Mordenoc dead and the innocent druid alive, but that possibility narrows each passing day.


Much of it lays on Xodius' ability to remain hidden, and Taldrus to mount his own offense. I am unsure how much more time I can buy for the both of them, but I will not exaggerate – the time has been bought by Xodius and Xodius alone.


Xodius has not checked in for some hours, his guildstone seems shut off at strange times. Strange, I did not tell him to shut it off, there is no need. There is something wrong.

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