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Originally written April 9, 2012.

Mosur returned to Theramore, and remained here for some days. With all the recent events and my frequent travel, his presence escaped my notice. It is not a comfort to know that a Templar I considered missing has stood safely within Theramore walls for a number of days. Disquieting in one manner, given that I was so blind, but comforting in another by knowing he was relatively safe.


But word has it that he has already departed with intentions unknown. He is a secretive man, and the more I reflect on it, the more I realize that it was his reserved manner is what endeared as well as alienated him to the Templars. He is a man of justice, but his opinion can be both blatant and withheld. It is his withheld nature that may have fallen victim to the shadows Xodius speaks of, and yet aside from mysterious disappearances, I have no proof. Only claims and circumstances.


He was seen in the company of a human woman, someone whose appearance was not familiar to me when it was described. She did not appear to mean harm, the way her mannerisms were described toward Mosur, the two are close in some way or form. She may be an unknown ally who can shed light on this mystery.


It is time to summon him back to Theramore and discern his mission. Mosur has been more secretive than usual, and I wonder if he is fighting an insurmountable battle all alone.

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