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Originally written Sept. 30, 2009.

The Commander is missing. The Marksman broke the news, although he was halfway to Northrend by the time it was announced over the guildstone. The most elite of our numbers set out to retrieve him, but now he spends his days far from his children and with his mind wandering about elsewhere.


I am certain that the Commander was on diplomatic missions before her disappearance. The soldiers in Theramore are able to report that much. But too many pieces are missing. Light, I do not know where she could truly be, who would have taken her and where she would be held.


We have become complacent in our late dealings with the Horde, we have been met with too many successes and smiles. We have too conveniently ignored how the Horde offensive in Northrend is led by a determind warmonger, and that the Warchief sits silent all-the-while. Perhaps our good relations with the Horde cast a veil over our eyes. Not all of the Horde is like Thrall, son of Durotan.


I have already arrived at one possible conclusion. But knowing the Marksman, his impulsiveness, I hope that he does not suspect it himself. If indeed the Commander was ambushed by war-eager Horde, our relations with the Tears may well crumble. I fear that the Marksman may endanger himself in a bid for revenge.


We will have to continue tethering him until our investigation finds more pieces to this mystery. I pray that it has nothing to do with the Horde. I truly pray.

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