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Oddities in Stormwind tonight. My routine visit to the Recluse for tea included an unexpected but pleasant talk with a chipper demon hunter. New to the call, he was surprisingly cheerful about a demon hunter’s dark work. We met after he fell to the floor in some ungraceful fashion. He claimed a miscreant knocked him over but the tavern was notably quiet and vacant before his tumble. He was also a spirited but unconvincing liar, but his lie seemed more from embarrassment than any malice or deceit. He suddenly departed, announcing in grandiose fashion that a demon was nearby. I enjoyed speaking with him and will seek him out in future visits. I am curious to know more about his training. A friendly demon hunter is also a rarity.

This first oddity was followed by a spectacle immediately outside — torture by relentless hugging. I myself have been the receiver of such treatment from Koryander but this session was far more determined. A woman whom I have come to know as a regular at the Recluse has recently been confined to a chair. I do not know the details of her injury and had no chance to inquire tonight. A dwarf and an associate of his allegedly took it upon themselves to insult her and she responded in a way she deemed the most personally torturous. From their mannerisms, it was clear they were all friends or at the least, bar acquaintances. Still, the dwarf was adamant in his embarrassment and with the lure of cupcakes — another oddity — the torturous hugging situation was diffused. But only after the dwarf’s accomplice was tickled in his own session of torturous revenge.

Wei personally came to deliver the cupcakes and it was another pleasant surprise to see her wearing her armor. The bizarre situation unsettled her — it would perhaps have perplexed most — but her shyness showed. Still, it was a momentous step for her to engage with others. The night was concluded with a walk through the Cathedral District with Wei and tea.

Though I describe all this incredulously, I do not write it as criticism. Perhaps it is because I know more of the violent than the giddy moments of life. It was a welcome yet jarring change of pace to see the cheerier side of Stormwind tonight. This solidifies my intent to see this city with new eyes.

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