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Originally written April 6, 2010.

We burned Templar Khazoth's body, as was his wish. As more soldiers return home from Northrend, I realize that I have not counted my blessings – no Templar fell in the battles in Northrend. Each returned safely.


Perhaps this is why so many among us raise sword against the very mention of Northfold. While fighting up north, you do not wish to think of what evil plants itself in your stead. There is always a gap left by the soldiers that ride to war, Northrend was no different.


I think of the end of the Lich King's reign, and how suddenly my life is empty as well as filled. Though we still chase Khazoth's murderer, seek justice for his death, supplant the Northfolds, and belly the Guard, these games are trivial compared to nights spent up north – northern kingdoms, or Northrend. Either region is full of memory.


I count my blessings, and see that the Templars were strengthened by the war in Northrend, not weakened. When word passed over the guildstone of Echelon Militia preparing to declare war, I did not guess that it was a desperate plea for suicide. Echelon was decimated in Icecrown while Templars searched for its former commander, Althwyn Wildsabre. I think of our desperation, and how we acted, leaderless – then I think of the slaughter of Echelon, and again count my blessings. We lost one instead of dozens, and we received another blessing when Althwyn Wildsabre was found alive, and recovered soundly.


Perhaps I am growing too content. Ardrex Northfold himself threatened to press charges on Templar Tyristari, over a dispute in the Laughing Jester. Though I encouraged him, urged him to file charges, I hold doubt that he will. Only an innocent man files charges without second thought. A man with something to hide is the one who uses it as a threat, or bluff.


I will be content once the Templars withdraw from Stormwind, and resume its task anew. There is little reason to let our skills dull while the Scourge threat fades. By all reports and accounts, the Horde is also returning from the war, and is without an enemy to fight. I pray that the Alliance and Horde do not open fire on one another out of boredom, or anger. Then again – the Alliance and Horde erupted in skirmishes after the Third War. I suppose it is only a matter of time before swords and spell cross again in the southern continents.


We must let the Stormwind Guard stand on its own. Students of war cannot remain in Stormwind forever, the city must learn to fend off its enemies on its own. It is the outside enemies that those such as the Templars of the Rose seek out and fight.

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