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Originally written Dec. 9, 2009.

Tactician Harple has spent days deep in research. In light of our former commander returning to us, as well as returning to her health, I have not spread the news among the Templars yet: something new is brewing.


A strange artifact was sent to Harple Firehand, its origin unknown, its source of power unknown. He nows spends his nights deep in the Cathedral of Light library, but there are no results to his research yet. I may ask Remia to help discern whatever power lies within it, and whether it is possible that others alike in its composition can exist.


I question whether we should simply destroy it, but the mysterious means that the Tactician was sent the artifact, or "shard," as he more colloquially refers to it, makes us hesitate. Something seems wrong, and the shard's power is palpable even to myself, a Light-wielder. This is beyond unusual, since its power is not within the nature of my own.


The shard will be kept in a secure location as we discern its origins. Whether or not there are more to be found has yet to be seen. Why or how it was sent to Harple is also something I will discover as soon as possible.


This comes at the heels of Althwyn's recovery, and Severince's return. I will have to look to the Templars and ensure that those that must cope, are coping. We will need strong hearts and swords in the coming future.


The Marksman has sworn his loyalty once more, in response to Althwyn's return. His spouse's life and health seems to be returning him to his former self. This, at least, is good tidings for the Templars at last.

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