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The following is written in a leather-bound book and is normally kept securely in Arialynn’s Old Draenor study. The paper is blank and without lines, yet the script is neat and perfectly straight. For this entry, the journal is in present-day Azeroth, specifically Westguard.

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Northrend brings many memories, most are at best, unpleasant. Odd then that my time so far in Northrend has been anything but. Westguard is a welcome respite to the chaos of Old Draenor and I find myself seeking time to myself to take in the sights. The Fjord is perhaps as close now to how it was before the Horde, Alliance, and Crusade settled there. I found myself grateful to see this land again years after the war. I find myself unsure of what even to call it. The War of the Scourge, War of the Lich King, or simply the bitter end to the Third War we all sought after the betrayal of our prince.

Westguard is not without its troubles, however. Sergeant Konse busies himself with tasks he is disinclined to tell others about. Given our recent discussions, it takes little to guess why. I keep a close eye on him. Another Templar, Wallaroo, appears well but her behavior is at times odd, often stealing herself to her quarters for hours on end. The healer in me sees troubling signs of a soldier adjusting to life after war. I’ve seen it too many times.

To other matters, I intend to travel to Stormwind and see the state of the Alliance’s homeland. It’s been long since we departed it when the Dark Portal opened. I’m unsure of what we’ll find. Often, lands suffer while their heroes are far off to war. I pray we do not find the same illness in Stormwind on inspection.

Following that journey, I intend the same for the Horde lands, whichever ones will receive me kindly. Relations with the Horde are still questionable even now, with Warchief Vol’jin at its head. Mistrust is to be expected but violence is another matter altogether. We cannot start a Fifth War so shortly after the Fourth. Again, I assume the name of a war; there are so many to count. I also do not know what name to call the war we raged on Old Draenor. History will endure and name all these things in time. Names are ultimately decided by the victor. I assume ourselves victors in this case.

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