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Originally written Dec. 17, 2009.

Lanria Geroux, a longtime member of the Rose and veteran in our ranks, was placed under house arrest tonight. It came to my attention that she committed several homocides, the most recent of which was witnessed by a knight of the Ebon Blade, and member of the Echelon Militia. Although I await the death knight's written testimony, Lanria confessed to the killings. She also put forth that she was not fully aware of her actions, and that voices are involved. She also made a vague connection to an organization called "the Knights."


I do not know whether all that she claimed is true. Regardless, pending the death knight's testimony, I deemed it best to isolate Lanria for now, but keep her in familiar surroundings. Kalren will have to adapt to supervised visits. After being informed of the potential danger, he may understand, or perhaps concoct a hair-brained plan that inflicts more harm than help, as is his usual wont. In the years I have known him, he has changed little.


The arrangements have been made. Lanria's home in Ironforge has been secured, and meals will be delivered. Lanria mentioned that these 'voices' are strongest while she takes up her sword. If that is the case, I will see to it that whenever she grasps a sword, I am the closest person on hand. I want to see these voices in action myself.

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