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The following is written in a leather-bound book and is kept securely in Arialynn’s Draenor study. The paper is blank and without lines, yet the script is neat and perfectly straight. 

We retrieved a captive Templar tonight. Draenor has proven to be a harsh, unforgiving place. Though not as broken or torn as Outlands, it still stands as a notable counterpart, and we are reminded again and again of the trespasses of the latest Iron Horde. Our Templar was held as a slave, hardly given food or rest. It will take time before she is fully acclimated to others again again. Her exhaustion was enough that she dozed while she ate and upon waking, expected punishment. I have seem symptoms like hers too often in recent years.

The eve approaches when we can finally end this hell. Time or interplanetary travel is certainly not something I expected since I took up hammer and shield, and yet it is commonplace. We wage a war thirty years in the past on a planet that is a distant star on our own and then return home in a simple instant. The world is far larger than it once was. If we already traverse planet and timeline to pursue our enemies then others will surely come in time.

Rest calls but I will like awake tonight. I will rest far better once preparations are complete. The Watch readies itself for its latest journey to hell. Like the Destroyer, like the Sha, like Hellscream, it is never its last.

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