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Originally written June 16, 2011.

Much that was set out-of-place is properly righted. The Marksman spent a number of weeks as a female version of himself, due to the fiery temper of his adopted niece. I do not see the Marksman quite understanding that Sydile Creed's temper is much like his own, as is her stubbornness. While this trait could have been born from her own mother, I can see the Marksman's token traits being taught to Sydile during her previous apprenticeship, along with his infamous aim.


Regardless, the Marksman returned to the front as himself – himself – and I briefly assumed all was settled until I crossed paths with Sydile again. It seems that she traded the Marksman's hex for another unfortunate one of her own.


The Templars celebrated another small victory against the mountain, along with an interesting slew of arguments. Alekxandar is convinced that by some strain of resentment on my part, he spent the majority of battle laying on the stone floor. As always with Alekxandar Winchester, it is difficult if not impossible to ascertain whether he is serious or joking. Along with Sydile and the Marksman, he too carries a strong stubbornness, which I have now come to expect from each separate Templar. We are, by our nature and necessity of our wars, stubborn.


But our celebration was short-lived. Our attempted strike in the Highlands resulted in a retreat – while we achieve victory in the mountain, the Highlands prove more fortified. An odd discovery, given the nature of a mountain versus simple rolling hills. No matter – we will resume the battle in the Highlands and remind the cultists that their operations are not carried out freely. There is a toll to the apocalypse they so exuberantly welcomed and still embrace.


I have discovered the source of Koryander's unusual disquiet. She speaks of an awakening by the fire elementals, it would seem that her connection to such planes remains strong despite the years away from Blackrock Mountain. Her finger points to Hyjal, to which I have no reason to doubt her. The elemental battle there months ago drew in powerful combatants, including ones thought perished. Elements and nature is not a type of battle the Templars are readily familiar with, but if fire awakes again, we will pit ourselves against them, regardless. Come our next strike in the Highlands, I will break this news to the Templars that a new battle in Kalimdor approaches.


Taldrus' silence has been uncovered as well, and he will soon depart on another sojourn. His destination is Hyjal as well, but he will depart several weeks before myself and the Templars will redeploy overseas. Since the Shattering began, the Templars will again enjoy the familiar walls of Theramore, the Eastern Kingdoms' plight has called upon our banner as of late, and spying a Templar resting within Theramore has become a rare sight.


I see myself set on a path with the way again cleared, but the end destination is too distant to see until I travel leagues more. In all my training as a young page, this type of path is what I always anticipated, but what I did not understand is the rarity I would see it.

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