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Originally written July 28, 2010.

Again, I neglect keeping a record of my doings, and much has happened. I will be brief, at present myself and the Templars are readying ourselves for war at any time. Our war with the Tears is still unfinished, I await word from the Marksman and other scouts on whether our suspicions are true or not: we suspect that the Tears' hand was forced. If this is the case, the Templars will attack and send a message to that enemy: never again.


But there is more than just the Tears and Chieftan Kormok on my mind. I have been given a new burden and title to my name, one that resonates deeply with many who follow the Light. Time will tell whether I fill the legacy of Uther the Lightbringer, but as I am now, I can only go forward. Once the Templars' current task is finished, we will look north again, and I intend to bring others with us. The Plaguelands have sat like a wound for too long, the land needs freed from the remaining Scourge, and healed. It is still a casualty of the Third War, it is time to return and help cleanse it.


That is the start of my new title, and purpose. But returning to the Plaguelands is something I have contemplated for a long time. I will see to any of my remaining allies and friends within the Dawn, it has been many years since I last fought alongside them.

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