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Originally written Dec. 20, 2009.

A security council was held at the manor of Thalynn Kestavin, wherein several guilds collected to discuss the matter of the Knights and the shards. I have never been in the company of so many bruised egos. I found myself yearning for mindless tavern-chatter in lieu of all the political banter.


But it seems that a few things have come to fruition. The Guard, Court, Nightstone and Templars formed a pact until this mater is over. How that pact will be carried out, and whether or not there will be betrayal is yet to be seen. There are questions still lurking in all the intentions of House Nightstone, but guessing Lady Sirithil's motives is a long-practiced game. I will simply see to the military side of things.


One piece of information struck me most: the Knights operate with a hivemind, something I did not know before. Suddenly, Lanria's claims of "voices" seem to be making sense. Is it possible that Lanria is somehow tapped into this hivemind? And if so, why? What steps must be taken to free her?


I will ask Harple to begin forming an strategy. We need to lure these Knights into the open, to a battlefield of our choosing. No waiting for these shards to be collected. Six shards are accounted for, and known to lie in Alliance hands. While the advantage is tipped in our favor, we must lure out our enemy and strike. A trap lying in wait.


I do not want to waste more time than necessary on the mainland. The citadel campaign has begun, and the Templars cannot be away for much longer.

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