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Originally written Feb. 4, 2010.

I hold little connection to the Cathedral of Light as someone from the north, other than acknowledging it as an important symbol. But I find myself lately wandering its halls at late hours, and by chance I came across another piece of the puzzle in the form of a gnome named Min.


Injured, in shock, but no less bearing news about the whereabouts of the shards. I met this Min by chance as I briefly met with Calithos. From that brief moment as we nodded and exchanged pleasantries, I did not guess that this person potentially knew portions of the Knights and their plot that I did not. Moreover – for once, Calithos conjured a plan that was not entirely insane. I lie awake tonight as I stew in these unexpected changes.


The gnome named Min is recovering from his injuries. Come morning, I wish to question him. I was warned that he carries a strong dislike for the Templars, and why or how this gnome bears ill will against us, I cannot tell. But I will not let such bias undermine a potential ally. There is little time to waste if we are to put Calithos' plan forward.


I must find out more about the whereabouts of Starheart, and how she is connected in all this. If Min was healthy and well when I met him first, and on the verge of collapse when I met him last, it is doubtful that whatever transpired happened in any other place than Stormwind. If this it true, perhaps then the Knights are not as inactive as we initially thought. Their sphere of influence still covers Stormwind City, and agents are still active.


I shared small pieces of Calithos' plan with a handful of Templars. A few seemed pleased that we are so close to taking up sword and shield again, but at a potential price. All of this depends on whether we remain unseen. Perhaps in addition to the arcane skills of Remia, we should consider a few of the most talented members of the Conjurer's Court.


The Knight's siren has made Templar efforts stumble as of late. Several Templars have entered into harsh training. It is difficult to learn to fight again, without the aid of your eyes. But we cannot have half our forces drop their weapons and defect to the Knights at the sound and sight of a siren. I had thought until now that creatures such as they were only found among the naga, and even then, mostly embedded in children's tales.


As for Calithos, his plan is foolish yet brilliant, if only to give us the opportunity to assess the Knight's numbers that are tucked away unseen within their fortress. It has been a deadly game of guesswork since they went into hiding, if this plan works, we can potentially assess their numbers and forces. Perhaps then we can begin more confidently amassing a force that can carry a full-out assault.


A pause in the writing. The words continue, written by the different pen, as if these were written sometime later.


We have our own threat aside from Lanria within Templar forces. After briefly meeting with the priestess of Northshire Abbey who cared for Kiekie in the last year, it is apparent that the amnesia that divides her from her former personality is slowly breaking. Kiekie herself is lost, frustrated, confused. I see in her a helplessness that several Templars have already sworn to defend.


She now resides in Theramore, where many Templars have come to stay since the Knight's presence in Stormwind grew too dangerous. It seems that if left alone, her latent personality immediately rises to the surface. If kept in the company of trusted allies, Kiekie remains as the person we have come to know over a mere number of months.


I have met many soldiers who were struck by the horrors of war, and were never themselves again. But a kal'dorei has a longer lifespan than a mortal such as myself can comprehend. The length and details of her life prior to this year are unknown. As is, her latent personality is confused, and as I am told, violent. I am unsure of the virtue of suppressing a personality that has potentially existed for millenia, versus a persona that walked Azeroth for only one year. I believe that it is due to our affection for Kiekie, as the persona we came to know and treasure dearly. She holds several strong connections to her fellow Templars, and friends. Perhaps these connections will be enough to help her fight this takeover, and stay.


I am torn between interfering, or letting Kiekie's personalities decide between themselves. But at the very least, I will not allow her older, violent self to harm one that bears our colors and symbol. If this latent personality goes that far, she will have to consider me an immediate enemy.


The pen again changes, as if these words were written a few hours later.


Nearly dawn. It is foolish of me to miss a night of sleep. But I nevertheless will remain productive tonight, and today.

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