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Originally written May 21, 2012.

I have stood watch to many summits, they each bear the same mark: voices. Voices speaking over one another, reciting past wrongs, listing each offense with a clarity that makes it seem like each atrocity was only hours old.


In truth, some may just be. New blood stains the earth each passing day.  But the blood that stained the same earth decades or centuries ago is not one in the same.


Even the worst grievances must be aired in order to lay the first stone of the foundation, it is the first step toward reparation. But the lists are so long and grievous, each race clutches to so many sins and tragedies, that talks of peace may never reach the next stage. Peace talks will likely remain in the stage of anger and resentment as long as voices are more concerned with being heard than to listen.


The Summit continues. I pray that I am not too quick to dismiss those who seek to part the approaching storm, but I contemplate new courses of action as the pendulum perilously swings.

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