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Originally written January 23, 2012.

The future has arrived early. I have lived and fought for Azeroth long enough to notice its trends, among its most reliable is the Horde and Alliance warring with one another. These wars tend to escalate when Azeroth is at its safest, therefore it is no surprise to me that the very hour the Destroyer fell also marked the same hour of the Horde and Alliance opening fire.


However, I naïvely assumed that new acts of war would wait some days, enough to allow clean-up and rest for Azeroth's soldiers. I underestimated resolve, and the eager drive to gain the upper hand on the enemy. Hatred runs deep and plentiful. Without the Destroyer, the final bulwark against full-scale war is shattered.


I do not pretend that the Templars have no role in the faction war. In truth, we play an essential part. By fighting Azeroth's dangers such as zealous cults, errant dragons, Scourge and the Burning Legion, the Templars are unwittingly carving a clearer path for the Alliance and Horde to have at one another. It is a disquieting realization to know that by the very means you attempt to protect Azeroth and unite its warring parts, those means also allow them to fight beneath clearer skies.


There is no reason for either the Horde or Alliance to be grateful for such allowance, such self-awareness is not gracefully intertwined with the nature that condones total war. There is no reason to expect such gratefulness save being a fool. You do not expect one to be grateful when your actions permitted them to do the opposite action you intended. You do not require a thanks as validation of your actions, righteous or evil. Instead, I see a meaningless chaos in this cause-and-effect, one of which I will be fixated on for some time.


It is only a matter of time before the same reasons the factions battled the cult and dragons will be wielded as reasons to war with one another: survival, injustice, revenge. I know these arguments well, but I question the full validity of these reasons, given that both factions argue unique ownership. These reasons truly exist, but are argued without regard to the opposite side arguing with nearly the same words.


In the face of such odd similarity, it would be logical to withhold the sword if for a brief moment, and discern the oddity of it all. It is as if both sides are being urged by unseen forces, ushered along a knife's edge to a destiny of mutual destruction. However, there is no outside force governing this dance, it is only the Alliance and Horde.


I am an advocate of cooperative peace between the two factions, but the current truth is that I have become a custodian, dutifully sweeping away obstacles for the Horde and Alliance to have their war. There was no choice in the matter, the Destroyer sought an apocalypse. His envisioned end of Azeroth has been thwarted, but his death did not save Azeroth from its current denizens to do the same, at a separate pace.


If Azeroth's reliable trends ensure another event, it is a new cataclysmic threat. However, its identity is unknown, as is when it will rise. Till then, I may need to consider a role of more than an accidental custodian.

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