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Originally written June 9, 2012.

I never considered myself a citizen of Stormwind. Being a port city, I too was among the many often coming and going. After much thought, I suspect that I avoided settling the city altogether out of some remnant of fear. I thinly recall Gilneas, but Lordaeron is still a recent memory. Perhaps I am validated, given that Stormwind was razed less than a decade before I first set foot inside. The masons had only just relaid each stone, the halls and tapestries of the Cathedral of Light were fresh and new. Then given the most recent scars made by the Destroyer, and perhaps my aversion to Stormwind is born from more than simply my dislike of nobility and politics.


But Taldrus' conscription has anchored me to the city, despite fear or dislike. Now firmly rooted, I find myself looking at the city through an altered lens. Perhaps it is a survival mechanism for me to attempt to see the city in a different light, in hopes of finding qualities that appeal, that soothe. Truthfully, I have found them against my will and in spite of lenses biased or otherwise. It is a city of potential and though it does not always meet it, there are glimpses that are often inspiring. I am unsure of what path its citizens will traverse next, and I wonder often what sort of motivation or inspiration leads them. Do they honor their king, or are their lives fulfilled for themselves? Do both fulfill the phrase that is so often exchanged on Stormwind streets: "King's Honor?"


Perhaps my resettling in Stormwind is a disguised blessing, it lets me better see the Alliance and its peoples, along with the actions of its rising king. I will remain vigilant and keep watch.


As for personal matters, it was decided between myself and my betrothed to begin preparation on the wedding. All marital plans were quickly aside when cultists rose once more, then Theramore was eyed and attacked by the Horde. With Taldrus' new obligations and looming war, marriage in a time of peace is a waning possibility. We have resolved to simply settle for the time being. Truthfully, does waiting till peace to marry truly matter, given the depth of marital vows? No – we will not wait for outside requirements to sort themselves. The time is now.


But Light, I refuse to wear a dress. It is such an impractical, silly tradition. Why is it expected to be so uncomfortable and vulnerable on your wedding day? Ceremonial armor is far more suited to the occasion, and at least partly practical if the need for armor arises. A dress meets neither criteria, aside from restricting movement and being far too soft to protect from harm. What an utterly strange garment, truly. Given anatomy, it is far more suited for men.


I ramble. I must rest and prepare for tomorrow. The Rose is entering a new stage, and I must remain rested and able. Rest too is a weapon; those are simple but good words to live by.

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