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Originally written May 24, 2012.

The Summit continues. The night's events were unplanned, and so were its outcomes.


Truthfully, the night ended on a more uplifting note than it likely would have if all events had gone as planned. It was a comfort to see members of the Alliance speak among themselves and arrive at consensus. They were far more informed and cautious than I previously assumed; perhaps I have grown too used to only hearing the hawkish cries carry over the temperate voices. There is strength and wisdom in the Alliance, still.


But though the proceedings were comforting, Taldrus' continued service to the Grand Alliance pains me on far too many accounts. He is passionless over the matter – dangerous for him. Such lack of emotion for him normally proceeds an outburst, and I am powerless to prevent it unless I am present to halt the emotional trigger.


He stated that his conscription will need to be endured, now I believe that he and I will need to be two separate persons in order to weather the storms ahead.

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