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Originally written Feb. 5, 2009.

I have returned to Icecrown to the battle that began at the Howling Fjord shores. The Highlord is inspiring. It has been too long since any paladin order has held structure or shape – since the Third War, as memory serves. It is good to have a sort of cohesiveness again, even if we stand on the brink of death during every moment of our lives.


I need to grow accustomed to the cold once more. The battles with the Scourge can be handled with Light and sword, but neither can protect one from the bitter Northrend winds.


As long as I fight here, I am not a Templar. I delivered this news to my former commander, and it was sullenly received. I do not know if it was the right choice to choose between freedom with war, or prison and remaining with my comrades of the Rose. My heart weighs down heavily with the lack of a definitive answer.


Time will tell, unless death has its way with me. Though that is something I do not intend, despite the bloodshed I see here.


Until the war is over, or the Templars are no longer branded Alliance traitors, my duty and call is here with the Argent Crusade. I will lend my blade to the work that desperately needs to be done.


The Light will prevail.

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