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Originally written Aug. 2, 2010.

It is done. The Tears of Draenor are free from their betrayers and manipulators, and the Templars no longer have to fight former comrades.


It was the Marksman's last minute intelligence that brought about the end to this plot. The end of this war is both a relief and a moment of silence for me, it has been a long three months. This is not the first time I have fought former comrade, these battles with the Tears remind me of battles in the Third War, when we saw fallen comrades rise to their feet and fight again. My time in Northrend is fresh as well.


Now we look forward. My thoughts this night are with the Tears and how Chieftan Kormok must heal and rebuild, but by morning, my thoughts will return to my own clan. The Templars do not stay out of war for too long, it is not our nature to enjoy peace for long lengths of time. I suppose it is because we have learned it never lasts.


The first steps of our next campaign have begun. With the title of Lightbringer upon me, I cannot only look to the Templars as the way to bring Light to the future, and peace. The time for healing the last of the Third War wounds is now – we will move to the Plaguelands, and return the land to what it once was. I will work for the day when we can feel true grass beneath our feet again, it has been too long. The time is now, before a new war tugs us elsewhere.


As soldiers, we are often leaves in the wind, but for now, we will tether the wind's flow.

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