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The following is written in a leather-bound book and is normally kept securely in Arialynn’s Old Draenor study. The paper is blank and without lines, yet the script is neat and perfectly straight. For this entry, it traveled through the portal from Draenor to present-day Azeroth.

The Watch prepares. On every night before battle, I remind myself of the reasons to fight. It grows harder to do so not because I lack reasons, but I lack the moments to simply steal away. Koryander often thinks of our younger years as mere soldiers. 

I chose a brief respite from Old Draenor tonight. I am fond of Stormwind streets this time of year. So much time has been spent on Old Draenor that I have missed the first scent of Autumn in southern Azeroth. Taran now attends morning classes at the Cathedral. His recollection had little to do with the Three Pillars and more about the picture he drew. He shows his father’s propensity towards art.

Xinlei visited. She is a close confident of Wei Lei Ru and came to express her thanks. I am not the only Templar who is wary of Wei’s unsteady recovery. Xinlei has assured she will brew Dreamless Sleep potions to ease Wei on her recovery. Sleep will do Wei well. Xinlei also spoke of Emperor Shaohao’s teachings as a way to healing. This admittedly piqued my interest. Time spent in Pandaria was primarily spent on war. There was little time to spend on culture and history. This is something I regret. To both Pandaria and Old Draenor, these are worlds that should have been left untouched by Garrosh Hellscream and the armies that pursued them, ours included. His mark on these worlds will be felt for years to come.

One day remains until the Watch wages battle. I spend the night with my husband and son and return to Draenor tomorrow.

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