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Halonan Orebender has returned. Listening to his words tonight, I am reminded of other times I spoke to him. The war is different than before as are the events that lead to tonight, but there was a bizarre familiarity yet comfort to this crossing of our paths. Perhaps it is because I too rarely see men and women who disappear to appear once again, though not as whole as they once were. There is perhaps no life where a soldier is ever the man or woman they once were.

He is set for Wintergarde to lay the ground for the training that is to come. I find myself returning to many long-passed milestones, some intentionally. There is reason why I seek these pillars in my life and they are perhaps reasons I should privately inspect. I may already be the old soldier clinging to wars, victories, and losses I cannot change. I have met many in my time and was harshly critical. But there is little time for such introspection with as many Templars who lay broken now from countless wars we have fought since inception. Till such a luxury, preparations will be made for Wintergarde and keeping the Rose’s thorns sharpened. The next war is inevitably upon us.

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