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The following is written in a leather-bound book and is normally kept securely in Arialynn’s Old Draenor study. The paper is blank and without lines, yet the script is neat and perfectly straight. For this entry, the journal is in present-day Azeroth, specifically Stormwind.

I completed a physical and mental evaluation at Grand Marshal Acele Walkinson’s request. The subject was a former Field Marshal of the Alliance and curiously enough, a warlock. A warlock is a rarity within the Alliance, let alone one of rank in the military. The oddity was not lost on me and I took personal interest in the matter. The examination is now concluded and I intend to deliver the findings in person. The Grand Marshal and I are overdue for a conversation, regardless.

Operations have begun to transfer supplies and personnel from the Fort to Westguard. It is thus far smooth. Northrend is also welcoming, which is an odd change of pace. There was a time when I traveled to the continent with dread. Now I make my way to it with a sense of relief and peace.

I found Nereia in the Stormwind graveyard shortly after my examination of the former Field Marshal. She was at war with herself, wanting to visit the memorial but her loss was too fresh. It is something I too deeply felt and at the time, could not put into words for her. It is a struggle we all ford and cannot be rushed through. She additionally worries for her son, a worry that is shared by many parents but hers is more justified than others. Her son is on a different development path, perhaps due to his biracial or inherited magical nature. It is difficult to tell without an examination. I made the offer but she politely turned it down, admitting that her fears could increase if she knew the reasons by name instead of spied their shadow. I have seen such reasoning before and thought it best to leave it be. This, too, cannot and should not be rushed.

Taran continues his pursuit of art albeit in the messiest fashion. With the war concluded I intend to spend more nights in Stormwind. We have enjoyed many family dinners lately. With fall approaching, I intend to take Taran to the pumpkin patch as I had the year before. It will be a trip far less abrupt than it was one year ago and one I hope he commits to memory.

The night concludes and so does this pen. This journal has traveled many places as of late. It will continue to do so until the transition from war to peace time is complete.

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