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Originally written April 17, 2010.

The Knights lay defeated, and Lanria Geroux has returned to our ranks. She has lost her memory. I can only guess that the shared mind of the Knights affected it, or the brutality of her experience played part. However, at the moment we will simply count this blessing, and more forward. Lanria is with us.


But we bid farewell to Harple Firehand, a casualty of war. True war, not the duel pit hosted in Stormwind. Harple and I never saw eye-to-eye from the moment we met as fledgling Templars. But I think that we acknowledged our strengths and pitfalls, even if the latter drove the other mad. I certainly had my share of handing down punishment or criticism to our former tactician.


His body is interned aboard the Arbiter, still docked for repairs in Theramore. Our war with the Knights has left our funds thin. I do not know when we will use our ships again on open sea.


They are covered in scaffolding at this moment, and are clear from my window nearby. Another casualty of war – we are stripped of supplies and means of transport as well.


Harple's wife and children have been inducted into Templars, as was my promise. His children will be supported, as will the livelihood of Sarobin Firehand. I regret not being able to summon his soul, and perform a resurrection as blessed by the Light – but the nature of his death has created some sort of barrier. I do not know whether we will see the likes of Harple Firehand again soon.


A Templar gained, a Templar lost. Harple's death was truly fitting of a Templar, we can hold ourselves to such a standard when our own times come.

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