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Originally written Nov. 2, 2010.

I neglected to keep record of much of the last month's events. However, I will not sit idle and write a drawn-out summary, for time is short, and it is clear that there are unseen forces as well as shrinking time that work against the slow stroke of this pen.


I know little of the elements, and the lords that command them. I leave that expertise to Koryander, whom I have spent many late night conversing with in the Explorer's library. Our research has turned up little, and her knowledge a thin possibility of leads. The ground beneath our feet has shook at random intervals for several weeks to date, for reasons we have yet to discern. The Alliance leaders speak of tablets from Ulduar, others speak of the elements ill-at-ease, others theorize that another Old God will come to bear, others insist that the quakes are nothing. It seems that upon closer inspection that there are many culprits able to quake the earth, but few possess the power to do so planet-wide.


The Templars delve into Ulduar in search for other leads, as well as return to the depths of the Molten Core. Our shamans are few in number, but if they can commune where our foray into the ground is deepest, perhaps the fire and rock will yield answers about what is keeping the world from staying still.

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