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Originally written May 29th, 2010.

I traveled north without companion today, and rode to the Lightbringer's tomb.


There was rumor among Alliance cities that the Tabard of the Lightbringer was found, and is now held at the tomb by a Knight of the Ebon Blade. The rumors were hushed, when I first heard word, I did not believe it was true. I thought the tabard lost, or I simply did not think of it at all. I only considered the betrayal of Lordaeron's prince, and the end of the Silver Hand. It is a betrayal and loss that is still too near, even with the Third War finally ended, and the traitor prince toppled from Icecrown. Perhaps it is the recent defeat that draws these memories so close.


The rumors were true, the knight stood vigil at the tomb steps. She gave nothing but simple word that the tabard was there. I saw no reason to question it – if the commander of the Argent Crusade declared the Ebon Blade friend, then I too regard them as comrades. I have fought with too many loyal death knights to claim otherwise, and I have inducted too many fine soldiers into the Templars to change heart now.


I wished to draw strength from the Lightbringer's final resting place. The Silver Hand was once founded to fight orcs, and drive them from Alliance lands. Then the Hand waged war against the undead. As I peer into its history, I question what my purpose should be now, as Horde allies attack our flank. Should I lead the Templars to all-out war, or skirt its borders and aim at other prey? What enemy is there to drive away, other than the growing shadow of the Horde?


The neutral Argent Crusade and its aim cautions my hand. But I still see where our lives as holy knights first began, and the enemies we once called up arms and faced.


I took the journey for counsel, to ease my mind. Now I am full of more questions.

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