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Originally written June 2, 2010.

I have finished dwelling, I await a chartered boat to Northrend. I have dwelled long enough on decisions, I have spent too long thinking of the past.


I took solace in at the tomb of the Lightbringer one last time. Again, the guardian of the tabard stood vigil. Again, she asked for proof of my worth as heir. I have none – I am a knight, and forever will be.


My energy returns, my night thoughts are fixed on strategy. If the Tears have traveled far enough to Vengeance Landing, and somehow forded the Vykrul and Alliance outposts along the way, the supplies are lost to the Horde. The Templars cannot assault the Landing without crumbling the Templar creed to dust. But if the Tears choose Venture Bay, then perhaps there is a chance to meet the Tears in battle again.


I do not know fully whether the Templars should lay down arms, or battle the Tears at each turn. I do not know what will end or prolong this small war. But as long as the Tears hold Alliance supplies in their hand, their enemies will spread from Alliance soldier to soldier. Perhaps if the supplies are recovered and returned by Templar hands, this war's end will come closer.


Perhaps I am a fool, perhaps I choose to hope. But at the very least, we will continue meeting our former Horde ally in battle as long as peace is threatened.


Though Chieftan Kormok, I wish I knew your mind.

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