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Originally written Aug. 11, 2009.

It's been months since I put Meishka to rest. I write that name with full conviction, despite how until her last moments she insisted on the title Blightmistress Geneave.


But my former squire's tirade continues to haunt myself and the Templars, even though for months I thought her misguided reign was over. Jylui, a woman who more-or-less functioned as Meishka's right hand has resurfaced, and her mental state is as dangerous as ever.


Her appearance in Theramore disrupted one of the more peaceful moments between myself, a few Templars and some of our most trusted friends and allies. We had only just met Physsia, Koryander's adopted daughter. The news struck me as a surprise, considering that Koryander has rarely left my side since we began the Northrend campaign nearly a year ago. But perhaps the adoption comes at a good time, given that so many children in Azeroth continue to loose parents every day…


But Jylui appeared with full intent to kill me, as my former squire once commanded. I did not recognize her at first, but her appearance still brought attention, given that she was dressed in full Scarlet attire. Those colors are not welcome outside their own monasteries or Northrend strongholds.


However, regardless of what she intended, her sword was stripped and the situation defused. Her delicate mental state is now my own to guard. I realized that once the moment was over and I had a night of contemplation, that this Jylui woman is now my responsibility in the wake of my former's squire's death.


Meishka died over a year ago while fulfilling my wishes. She returned as an agent of the Lich King blinded by confusion, and hate. My immediate revulsion towards her when she appeared before me was a mistake, and one that I could never rectify until our final confrontation. Now one of her manipulated minions has returned with a similar state of mind – confused, blinded by hate – but admittedly her state is far more severe. It is by my responsibility and honor as Meishka's former dame and killer that I help her.


I will see to it that she is restored, though I do occasionally waver in doubt. My leave from Northrend expires soon, and the Crusade will call again. Still – I cannot make this a race against time. The woman named Jylui would likely only be further harmed should my intentions be anything other than pure.

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