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The port city was established on Kalimdor as a symbol, a hope that the Alliance and Horde can coexist peacefully in this world. Perhaps that is what made it an attractive target to Garrosh Hellscream. But despite standing as a beacon of peace, Theramore was still widely known for its impenetrable defenses — and indeed, the city lived up to this reputation before it fell. She stood as an impregnatable fortress; us soldiers turning endless waves of orcs away with spell, sword, and shield. I atop its walls how I dared feel pride that the city would shatter the spear of Hellscream's ambition for all to see.


Perhaps that foolish pride can feel a tiny warmth knowing that Theramore could fall only to such a destructive weapon. I knew of mana bombs, but assumed they could only appear in the Outlands. A hopeful assumption. Perhaps it was was a quiet hope that such a weapon could not exist beyond the magic addicted and insane. It seemed ridiculous that such a weapon could be conceived and used. I spent too long fighting wars with a hammer and shield.


It is said that the other symbol of Theramore, Lady Proudmoore, turned to vengeance after its fall. She was an example to follow up till now. Even today, she is an advocate for occupation. Does she not know that the Alliance attempted it before and failed miserably?


Perhaps my need for vengeance was quenched the day Hellscream fell to his knees. The destruction of Theramore was close to memory in that final battle. I tire of losing a home. My life has been punctuated by death and destruction. Though I fought to kill, bringing Hellscream to trial is a wiser choice. Perhaps it will bring civility in a world that has forgotten that very word and what it means.


Enough is enough. For too long, my life and purpose has been war. I yearn for new experiences, to hone other skills. Perhaps it is time for the Rose to do the same. We are more than soldiers of destruction and vengeance. There are more ways than one to be the world's defenders and keepers.


Aye, there is. There will be a council on just this.

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