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Originally written June 29, 2010.

Some time has passed since the Templars and Tears met at Venture Bay, and engaged in combat. The war between us is ongoing, but there is little that can be done aside from wait.


I sent the Marksman out alone to see what can be found among the Tears. We have reason to believe that the Tears' hand is being forced, by either forces like Garrosh, or some other. The Marksman insisted on leaving his tabard and guildstone behind – if captured or slain, he cannot be identified as a Templar, but he cannot call for help from his comrades, either. I may send a tail on the tail-end of our own tail, so to speak. I will need to find another among the Templars who is also skilled in tracking, and following undetected.


But there is more than war on the Templar's plate. Sylvina, a longtime ally to the Templars and partner to Koryander, has commissioned the Templars to host a tournament. It has already been decided that the tournament will be held on Theramore grounds.The financing for the tournament, and the commission to the Templars has already relieved us of our rampant debt. We can also take the tournament as an opportunity to refine our skills from the war in Northrend, and with the Knights.


A tournament in peacetime, to hon skills and gather students of war. Perhaps I should not think of this as peacetime – the Templars are at war with a Horde clan that was once a friend. Relative peace, when compared the Third War, Outland and Northrend. That is much more fitting.


In the coming days, time must be set aside to prepare for such a tournament. I will see who among the Templars is willing to take up the call, and those among our allies as well. It has been a long time since the Templars have been called upon to plan an event for peace, instead of answer a call to war. It is a welcome change.

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