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Originally written Aug. 16, 2010.

It is not a simple thing, to jump from one war to another. Perhaps the Templars have become specialists in waging war for the goal of peace; it is strange because at one time, our strategy was simply diplomacy. It is safe to say that in two cases in the last year, diplomacy failed, and failed harshly.


We ended our war with the Tears with more morale casualties than loss of life, our trusted Horde allies were replaced with a fierce enemy, and now the void is filled with uncertainty. There were no negotiated terms of cease-fire, or end of conflict – our war simply ended, and we have gone our ways. As I walk through Alliance capitals and hear the rhetoric of sermons and street gossip, it is clear to me that Alliance favor of Horde is as hateful as ever. It seems as if one of the few things remembered about the war in Northrend was Wrath Gate, or for those who listen more closely to the town criers, the Broken Front. The Argent Crusade still shines brightly, but it is as if the Horde and Alliance cooperation therein is downplayed or forgotten. It will be no wonder to me if the Horde and Alliance resume their war within the next year. Where the Templars will be in that conflict, we will decide when the time comes.


However, I will do little for this world and its peoples if I do nothing but contemplate dark futures. The Templars are nearly ready to deploy to the Plaguelands, where we will assist the Dawn, help clear the Scourge and begin healing the land. It is time to close lingering wounds of the Third War. Our campaign begins with a tournament, perhaps the last time in a long time that Templars and allies will enjoy simple frivolity. Frivolity, but with a purpose. The Tournament of the Phoenix is in the coming weeks, I feel as if we echo the Argent Crusade and its efforts in Icecrown.


Perhaps for the best – if there is an example to follow, you must reforge its path and make it wider for those behind you. The tournament will unite and bring champions to the north, but there is also reason why the lands have yet to be retaken. The Scourge and other threats there are of a lesser caliber than Northrend, but we will be fools to underestimate them. Another land, another war, we will bring Light to where dusk and twilight has hung overhead for far too long.

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