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Originally posted April 11, 2011.

Stormwind weaves many threads, but the pattern briefly came together the day of the cultist execution. Many parties showed their true colors, most prominently the cult, which did us the favor of sniping specific targets within a large crowd. The execution was poorly conducted, the crowd bordering on riot, but the cult performed one decent measure by clearly stating who they considered enemies among a crowd of many. It is information to apply to strategy, but there is little other comfort in witnessing a hanging, gutting and burning in the shadow of the Cathedral of Light. Court-sanctioned, or no. It hearkens back to Scarlet days, when gallows were never empty, and stood in sight of chapels and schoolhouses.


I have penned this account rather late, several days have already passed, and attention diverted elsewhere. Myself and other Templars take leave from the Highlands, where the war effort continues. The time to fully mobilize comes soon.


But even the war effort is superceeded by something more pressing: the Marksman is confirmed missing, confirmed heavily wounded, unconfirmed dead. I possess enough firsthand accounts to know that he met with a longtime friend and confidant in Ironforge, but the meeting ended in grave injury, and a flight from Ironforge. One Templar gave chase, but returned by dawn with no trail. There is reason to believe that his confidant betrayed him, but the reasons for it are unknown. The Marksman is a man with many enemies, but he has yet to count them among supposed longtime friends. Whether the Marksman lives or not, this Kaiden is counted among the enemies of the Templars, as long as he intends to hide his actions and kidnap our kin.


The search for the man or the body continues. Word of his disappearance has not traveled far yet, but it will in time when his absence is noted. I have no doubt that there will be a scramble for him by both enemy and ally alike, for assassination as well as rescue effort. If there is nothing but a body to be found, then it will be a necromancer's joy to obtain a new puppet with a familiar face.


I will end the night after I speak to Althwyn. A few days past, I shared my wish to never deliver ill news to a Templar's spouse, the time came sooner than I ever anticipated.

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