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Originally written September 10, 2012.

A thought was expressed by a Templar the night before, and I found that it attended to one my many anxieties. It put nameless dark shadows into words, and now I know better why the loom of all-out war between the Horde and Alliance is considered so calamitous by so many, aside from the lament for cooperation and peace.


Against all threats to Azeroth – the Burning Legion, the Lich King, Scourge, Deathwing, Old God – the Horde and Alliance have prevailed, and not necessarily together. They have mostly fought separate, their respective soldiers honed to the finest degree, their technologies tried and perfected in an arms race no previous industrialization has seen. It is the truth to consider the Horde and Alliance perhaps the most dangerous groups on Azeroth by their sheer ability to defeat any threat. Now these two behemoths, honed by a recent series of apocalyptic wars, want to turn and wage war with one another.


It may indeed be one of the greatest, most terrible wars Azeroth has faced since the arrival of the Burning Legion, and us soldiers play intricate part in it, whether we consent or not.


There were other words of wisdom during the night's gathering, it is soothing to know many Templar's minds. That makes the next step far simpler than to blindly lead without knowing where or how far your men and women will follow. The shared answer was to the end and back again. I do not intend to lead that far to the brink, but my mettle has already been taxed more than I anticipated it will.


And now Taldrus has caught me eating one of his cookies. My newfound sweet tooth has perplexed him lately, but it by and far does not rival his own. His is legendary, but also one of many qualities that endeared me to him long before we were married – even if I hid his sweets for fear that they would increase his waistline. That ancient concern is good to think of now, it somehow lightens the bottom lining of the approaching storm cloud.

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