The Justicar told me to keep a jurnal from now on. I am [scratchout] not good with words. Spelling is hard. Reeding is hard. But she sez is it importint. So I will do it. 

My name is Cael. I am a worgin and a fiter and a soljer in the TEMPLARS OF THE ROSE. I had a brother once. I like to [scratchout]train. I keep watch on the walls at nite a lot. 

Today was cold. It is cold a lot, becus we are in NORTHREND, in WESTGUARD. But I have fur. It is not as bad as some peeple think it is. [scratchout]The sun set was pritty, and had a lot of colors. Pink and orinj and gold. I like it when that happens. I can see it good from the wall.

I work very hard. I want to be a [scratchout]good soljer for the TEMPLARS. 

I do not like writing or reeding. It makes me feel dum. But I need to lern. So I will. 

Maybe Mosur can help me. Mosur is my frend, even if he preetended not to be for a wile. He is very smart. I will ask him. I need to ask him about making a new [scratchout] pawn. That is for Silek. He [several long scratchouts] [scratchout] [ink smear] is not well. I want to help him if I can.

More toomaro. 


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