Jurnal 2:

Why are things not spelled like they are spoken? It makes no sens. Silek is not Silek, he is SiElIC. 

I talked to him.[scratchout]I volinteered to gard him from people who would hurt him. It was my shift today. I do not know if I helped. He reemimbers all the things he did. They were evil. But he is not evil. So he is feeling very bad. I know how that feels. [scratchout] I gess I am luky I only reemimber some things, even if that can be sad somtimes. I gave him the white pawn. That is a word I looked up. Why is it not pon? 


I hope I did help. He is my[scratchout] responsibility. I want him to be ok. Enuff TEMPLARS have dyed lately. I promised. No more. 

I will bring him food later. He is not eeting. 

Mosur and I talked. I think we will be ok, even if we are not ok now. I do not know if that makes sense. [scratchout] I do not have the words for what I feel. It is why I do not like jurnals. But I have to be able to be better. This will help. Kory and the Justicar agree. 

Kory is training me. I love it. I do not know what she wants somtimes tho. She thinks difrent than me. If I am not a soljer and helping, what good am I? [scratchout]I am not scarred of being hurt. I have been hurt a lot. 

That is confussing too. 

THE JUSTICAR IS PREGANT. WITH BABEES. She is very larj. Do not tell her I sed so. She can definitly kill me. But I do not think she wood. Kory is very protective of her. I had to look up protective. Why do things have e’s that do nothing? To make life hard? 

I wish I reemimbered scool. I went to one. I reemimber that. I can not reemimber what I lerned. I wish I did. Maybe it wood help.  [scratchout]  [scratchout]  [scratchout] 

Watching Kory is funny. Maybe somday I will be frens with the Justicar like that.

I met the mayg with no pants. She was hurt in the fiting. I helped her find Way, so Way could heel her. She is nice. A littl- nobel. Like the rich peepl. Smelled bad. Not shur why. But I did not want to ofend her.  [scratchout]  I mite like to be frens. Maybe. I gave her a cloke so she wood be warm. I wish she wood wear pants too. She does not have fur. She will be very cold. 

I must gard the wall. 

More later.


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