Jurnal 3: 

Wood is WOULD, and cood is COULD, and shud is SHOULD. 


[It is underscored several times.]

I WOULD like to kill whoever invinted this sistem. 

Way is WEI when it is my pandarin fren, but WAY when it is a path to go. 

I am going to PANDARIA. I am spelling that rite. I checked. I hope Mosur will be ok wile I am gone. I will [scratchout] praktis writing in letters. I think he will like that. He should smile more. Wei gave me things. She thinks I will like it there. 

I talked to the cook. She sed she would give Sielic good food while I am gone. I asked her for the [scratchout] honicakes. I love those even if they stick to my fur. I hope he is ok too. 

I am packed. I put evrything in a bag. I am exsited but nervus. There are things there called SHA. They are bad feelings made real. 

I have problems with that alredy. I am scarred of going wolf and killing peepl. I know the Justicar and Kory will stop me if I do. But I am still scarred. I think I am scarred a lot. But I do not know how to not be scarred of the things I am scarred of. It just happens. 

I do not have the words I need to put this on paper. 

[scratchout]  [scratchout]  [scratchout] 

Ezreella is probly not spelled rite. She was talking to another mayg about sex books I think. I do not understand. She is nice. But she confusses me. She invited me to her howse somtime. I have never been invited anywhere before. She does not ware the cloke I got her. But she was waring pants this time. That is good. 

I do not want sex. I want to help the TEMPLARS. I do not know how to say this. Ezreella sed it was a choice. Peepl do it for diffrent reesons. Some like men and some like women and some like both. I do not know who I like. I can not remimber liking anyone, ever.

 [scratchout] I do not think it matters. No one would like me. It would be dangrus. And I would have less time to train. 

I wonder if Ezreella has lots of peepl she sexs with. She IS very pritty. She acts like nobility still. I wish I was as  [scratchout]confidint as her.

I met anuther worgen. His name is Blakwall. He is a pirat. He has been on many advenchurs. He also tells VERY good storees. He told me one and I liked it a lot. He asks a lot of  [scratchout]  [scratchout] questions though. I had to look up questions. That is not spelled like it is spoken. I do not know if I like all the questions. They make it hard to breeth somtimes. Hard to think. Becus I remimber, and I do not like remimbering. It makes me feel very bad in lots of ways.

….I think maybe he could be anuther fren anyways. He gave me a gold coin. It is shiny. It has a story. I keep it in my pokket. 


He sez I should go with him somtime. I do not know if that is a good ideeya. But I could help keep him safe if I did. I will think on it. 

I must servive PANDARIA first. 

I will be lerning pol arms too in PANDARIA. I want a wepin that I can use when I do not have my sword and sheeld, or for bigger things. Like a  [scratchout] vrykul. I asked the cook how to spell it. Maybe pandarins are more sensabil in ther spelling. 

The Justicar sez I must be one persin, not two. The munks will help. They haf delt with SHA, so they can deel with me, she says. I do not know how to tell her that I am one persin, but I am also the wolf, and the wolf is not a persin at all. 

I am still scarred. 

But I will not not go. Peepl seem to think I can do it. I trust them.

I will send letters to peepl to help with my writing. I hope they will not laff at me. Mosur will not, I think. I do not know about anyone else. 

Time to train.


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