Jurnal 5: 

I am happy. 

I did not ever think I would be happy. But I am. I love the TEMPLARS. I promised to protect them all. That is all I want. 

I must train more.  [scratchout] The Justicar and Kory and me are going to PANDARIA very soon. 

I have left Mosur food. He needs to eat more. I worry about him. He is my fren. We only just got back to that. Frens. 

I have left Sielic honicakes and appil sider. 

I am not reddy.  [scratchout]  [scratchout]  [scratchout]  [scratchout] But I know they will not hurt me. I know it. I know it. They will not take me somwere I will be hurt. Not fisical hurt, but head hurt. 

Which makes me fisical hurt me or other peepl. I will not do that. I will dye before I do that. I know I am not ok. But I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER do that.

And Wei is a pandarin, and she is nice. They will be nice. 

I am a bit nervus. 

Time to sleep. If I can. 


I hope I will not get nitemares. 


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