Razas sat, looking through the newest edition of Barbeque and You, which, while being an excellent cook book and grilling magazine, was also the typical warlock monthly magazine from the Dreadscar Rift. The Netherlord, in his benevolence, published safer summonings, more efficient rituals, and the like, hidden away in code that usually only warlocks were aware of. It took some time to find the correct bits and pieces of magical code, the nuggets of information that were useful and the pieces were simply misdirection for any inquisitive mind.

It was enjoyable, a monthly puzzle for Razas, and something he felt that the Netherlord and the rest of the Black Harvest Council enjoyed coming up with. While a member, as most sane warlocks were, he wasn’t much of a joiner. And the prize at the end was usually fun. Today’s information was on how to miniaturize a rune of madness, and attach it to a rubber ball. The initial user had a grand old time tossing it in a room full of defenders from the artifact he wished to have, and the defenders decimated themselves, giggling while disemboweling their friends and comrades. Something to file away for later.

He sipped his bourbon, and let his mind wander, a slight shudder of his body as the enforced order of his mind slipped. The Void embraces all things, all possible paths, and the madness inside him was a multitude of versions of himself. Some gibbering lunatics, others geniuses, some both. He took it all in, the whispers and the chaos. His body shuddered again from the immersion, the wild storm of voices ripping into his thoughts.

Screambleedeatdeath Wild entranced the magic listen to the voices hate the voices ignore embrace the voice be one with All consume souls see the 3rd lie behold the rings corrupt consume devour patience patience reward screaming I’m still here obey me listen listen listen incoherence is the path salvation in the Void listen to he whispers ignore the whispers. Happy happy dkeicah’ehwc fal’ejeb’ entra kahn la’ de. Scream left to see the music, smell the scenery. Chew on the destruction of your soul as it screams evil eternal, violating your rye sockets.

Arms wrapped around him, delicate but strong. Razas smiles as he looked up to his wife, who kissed him on his head, and ruffled his hair. “Void talking to you again?”

“Never stops. Especially eloquent today. And watch hair, silly!” He said with mock crossness. She laughed and ruffled his hair more, then shrieked as he turned and poked her in her stomach. She fled from him, red gold hair trailing behind her as he stood up and continued to try and tickle her. His beautiful wife ran, laughing and shrieking as the madness rattle about his brain. He wasn’t crazy, he told himself. Crazy people do crazy things. Chasing your wife and making her laugh and hearing voices that weren’t there and enjoying the tormented screams of the Fel Damned and Void cursed wasn’t crazy.

Not crazy, he said to himself as he chased his wife. Feeble attempting to continue to tickle her, and being tickled in return. Not arguing with the voices that told him to do terrible, horrible things to the one you love, because you love them.

Not crazy.



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