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To Nestárion Dawnstrider,


My thanks for agreeing to meet and discuss the continued bond between our orders. I did not expect our meeting to quickly expand into such a jovial occasion. It is rare to be reminded that we have so many allies on both sides.


As promised at the conclusion of our meeting, I have drafted a written contract of our joint mission. I consider this contract a living document and one you can alter and return to me.


• The Blood of the Rose will begin work on re-opening safe sea trade channels on eastern Kalimdor. The Templars of the Rose's navy will assist.


• The Templars of the Rose will perform intel gathering and reconnaissance on the mainland and share the collected information with the Blood of the Rose.


• Representatives of the Templars of the Rose and Blood of the Rose will meet routinely to ensure communication between the sister guilds and their joint operations.


Though this was not discussed, I also propose founding a joint base of operations for the Templars and Bloods as they officially begin land operations. If this proposal is accepted, I will direct the Templars to draft a list of candidate locations based on its upcoming intel missions.


Till we meet again, I wish you Light's blessing and safe journeys, most especially in the new family soon to come.


Lightbearer Arialynn Dawnfield
Justicar, Templars of the Rose

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