[Written very, very carefully, with a surprising lack of scratchouts, for those who know her. It is clear time and effort was taken on this letter, despite the poor spelling and strange phrasing.] 

Dear Mister McBride,

I am sorry if this letter is unwanted. I know you were not happy to see us at first. My name is Cael. I was the worgen in armor who talked strang becus I was hit in the head with a sword once. 

I wanted to tell you that your dotter is very brave and strong. I am glad we met you and Zen gave you the thing to help her be better. She deserves to be better. I do not think I can help her though. I am a warrior and she does not need a warrior. I kill bad things that need killing so other peeple can be safe and well and so bad things can not hurt other peeple.  

But I can help you so I am going to. 

I do not need things. I hav the Templars and food and a bed and armor and my sword and I have even reecintly started a little garden. I like my garden. I get money from the Templars for my job which is nice but I do not use it. I do not know anything about farms or [scratchout] apples. But I know you can do lots of things with money. 

Pleese take this money and use it to help you and Miss Ma. I think Lody would want that. 

I do not want cuts of things. I want you and Lody and Miss Ma to be happy becus you are good peeple and you deserve it. It is not charitee. Templars help eechother. That is what we do too. It is our duty.

If I see Rose I will tell you. 

I am not good at writing and I am sorry. I am trying to get better but I am not yet. 

Pleese take care of yourself. 


[Enclosed is two months worth of wages and then some, all she has after giving the rest to a certain shifty but charming ne’erdowell.]  

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