[Written in a poor hand, careful but still shaky, with the indents of other writing in the parchment, as if she had made more than one draft of this beforehand:]


I am not good with writing because it is hard but I would like to apolgize for my behavir erlier. I do not know you. You did not deserve that. It was not [scratchout] right or [scratchout] respectful. 

You smelld like unded and it scarred me. I am [scratchout] from Emberstone Villig in Gilneas. I hav [scratchout scratchout] trouble with unded things some times and not being scared. I do not think you would hurt me. I am verry sorry. 

It is hard to feel what I think [scratchout] but that does not matter. I will try harder to be better. I am sorry. I hope you or Jafar do not dislike me becus of it. If you do I can not blam you verry much at all and that is ok. 

I am sorry. 

I am tired now I must sleep.


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