[It’s short, a bit hasty, and the parchment has seen some wear.]


I am thinking [scratchout] maybe I will go looking for Etsiyona soon. I do not know if I will be helpful but I want to try. I was thinking about it and I thought maybe I could look in places you had not looked. That may it will be like you are looking in [scratchout] two places at once? 

I am not a tracker or a very [scratchout][scratchout] good wolf becus I do not want to be and I probly hunted before but I can not remember. But maybe I can help anyways this way. 

I do not know if I should bring the speer we found. I can not tell if it still smells or would maybe help find her. 

Also do you know if wepons can reeact to the Light? I am also trying to help [scratchout] Lody who is not well and we visitted her [scratchout] father and he gave us some things for her and one was a sword that he sed gloed when she prayed next to it. It was a very nice sword. 


I hope you are doing okay and are safe and well becus it has been storming feercely here. I hav sent food and candees with this becus I do not want you to be cold or sick. I do not know if you can get sick. But the candees are [scratchout][scratchout][scratchout] nice anyways.

Guard shift I must get my cloak it is very lighteningy outside. 


[Enclosed is candy from the preceeding holiday, the spicy fireball kind that warmed from the inside, and some waybread studded with nuts and fruit.]

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