[Written on half a sheet of parchment in black ink, with the occasional smear:]

Dear [scratchout] Blackwald 

I am in PANDARIA. It is SO PRITTY here. There are pink flowers evry where. The whole trees are pink flowers. It is green and warm. I have seen TIGERS. They are cats with orinj and [scratchout] black furr. They are very larj. 

The munks and the JUSTICAR and Kory are helping me lern things here. Like pol arms. And things about the WOLF. I do not know if they can help a lot. I am a litl scarred because emoshuns are fisical here and can hurt peepl. I do not want to hurt peepl. But they will not let me I think. 

I got you a fansee hat. You wear hats so I got you a hat becus I think you like hats. I hope you like it. 


[Enclosed is a typical Pandaren style straw hat in a box, worgen sized.]

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