*found on a small package of steaks, cheeses, and wine outside of Cael’s door left after the sound of a knock and the hasty clip-clop of hooves running away*


Thank you for your letter. It is kind of you to apologize, but you have nothing to be sorry for. When you reacted how you did, my fear was that I had done something to offend you. You are one of the first *the next word looks hastily scrawled in like she left a space and added the name after asking someone what it was* Worgen I have met and thought maybe I had violated some custom. After you left, Mr. Blackwald explained that you do not like to be touched and I understand now.

You did not make me feel bad, just a little confused and worried I had upset you. I am glad we were able to clear up this misunderstanding and I promise only to heal and comfort without physical contact with you should you require healing again. I regret that I did not know this before, and I apologize for any discomfort I caused you during your recovery. I am on this world to help defend it and learn about its people, and I learned something from this.

I am glad you are feeling better. Azeroth is fortunate to have a warrior who fights with such bravery and ferocity, and I am fortunate to count you among my allies. Please accept the enclosed food as a both an apology and a token of friendship.

Light be with you,


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