Howdy Claret A.K.A. Vold-her-mort


Just wanted to check in, see how you're doing.  We had one of members kidnapped recently and I thought of you.  We got her back safe and sound so no worries lolz.  Maybe your next attempt will go better?  Or if it wasn't you maybe the Templars have some OTHER 'kidnappy' type villain(s)?  Must be frustrating to have some taking your bit.


Hugs and Kisses!


Zen A.K.A. Zenkitty A.K.A. Felinus Snarkyus Maximus (There is a crudely drawn picture of a cat form Druid under the signature)


I've gotten so many of these spider tracking runes from you I thought you might like a few of them back.  I have sent one with this letter on a stone slab.  I named him Edward.  The rune not the slab.  The slab is Billy.



Did you know your letter receiving trick doesn't work in Draeneor?  I wonder if it's because of the timey-whimey magic stuff.

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