[This letter is written on a clean, unwrinkled sheet of parchment, likely not the first draft, judging from the very careful wording.] 

Dear [scratchout][scratchout][scratchout] Ezreella

I an verry sorry I do not know how to spell your name properly. I am not good with reading or writing. I am verry sorry. I [scratchout] should of asked befor I went to PANDARIA but I forgot and I am verry sorry. 

My [scratchout] hand hurts from writing a lot. The JUSTICAR sez I need to keep a jurnal to help me praktis my writing and reading. Like the traning dummees for sords. I am not very good at it. 

I am verry sorry about your name. [scratchout]

PANDARIA is very very VERY pritty. There are trees with pink pritty flowers all over them. They are solled pink. Not green. There are so many flowers. There is a lot of pritty plants and litl streems and water falls. Evry thing is art here the JUSTICAR sez. The pandarin are verry nice. [scratchout] [scratchout] They give us lots of food. There are lots of diffrent animals here. Some are nice and some are like TIGERS and are not nice. But even the TIGERS are pritty. 

I am not good at art. They make fiting in to art though. I mite be good at that.

The TIGERS remind me of you a litl. They walk the same way. [scratchout] Confidint. And stuf.

You have lots of cloths evin if you do not like to were pants. They are very pritty. It is not as pritty as they are but I got you a hat and pritty pink flowers. I think the hat is neet. [scratchout] I hope you like it. 


[Enclosed is a bunch of magically preserved pink cherry blossom flowers, and a classic style straw Pandaren hat in a box.]

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