[Written in a shaky hand; fur has smeared the ink in some places. It is left folded and shoved under the paladin’s door.]

Paladin Kaliosha, 

I am verry [scratchout] sorry for how I acted erlier. [scratchout][scratchout] I did not meen to make you feel badly. I hope you are not unhappy with me. I apresheeate your efforts to make me better [scratchout] with Light and heeling. My hedache is still [scratchout] bad but I am ok other wise. 

I did not mean to flinch away from you. I am sorry I made you feel bad and that I ran after also. Words are hard, and I am not good at them. [scratchout][scratchout][scratchout] I had to think first then writ things and apolgize to you. 

I am not used to tuching like many people do for good [scratchout] reesons or happy things and making people feel good. You startled me but I am ok and I [scratchout][scratchout] reely hope you do not feel badly because you helped me and I do not want that. I will be better about things. [scratchout][scratchout][scratchout]

[scratchout] I am sorry.

Thank you again for the heeling. My hed still hurts so I am going to sleep.


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