[The letter comes attached to the handle of a sword, left in Koryander’s tent on her bed. It’s still sharp, though it has clearly seen service in war, if not for some years now. An unusual jewel sits in the center of the hilt. It’s an older weapon, but it has been cleaned up recently.] 


This is Cael. I had gard shift earlier [scratchout] and I could not find you after so I am writting you a letter becus I need practice at letters. I hope you are doing well and Sylveena is too. [scratchout] [scratchout] Tell her hello for me.

Also maybe sometime she could come take a look at my plants? I [scratchout] have plants. I have my pink sakura tree and a silver blue flower I don’t know and that vrykul herb that I cannot spell. I have decided plants will be my hobby maybe since you sed practice does not count [scratchout] even if I like practice and I made a little garden behind my tent. I like my garden. [scratchout] [scratchout] My sakura stays in my tent though becus I do not want it to freez.

I am sorry I broke my sword and sheeld and armor agen. 

I was trying to help Lody a few days ago [scratchout] [scratchout] and we went to visit her father becus we thought seeing him may make her feel better. She feels very sad [scratchout] becus she cannot always help [scratchout] what she does becus the demon makes her do things [scratchout] sometimes. And she does not want to. She thinks she is bad but she is not bad. Her father is not abel to travil but he loves her a lot I think and gave us some things and they were her stuff and her sister’s stuff and then this sword. 

Her father [scratchout] called it the ANGEL’S TEAR. The jool, not the sword. The sword does not glow. Only the jool. And he called Lody his little angel too. 

He also punched Zen but hurt his hand becus Zen has a metal nose I gess which is weerd but he is weerd. That is ok. I am weerd too. He is still a good person.

He talked about this sword. He sed she used to pray [scratchout] by it and the jool [scratchout] glowed when she did. I thought maybe the jool can do the Light like paldins do and maybe having it would help her so I talked to the Justicar. She sed she was worried Lody would hurt herself with the sword. But she also sed maybe the jool would help her becus it was a family thing even if it was not magic or the Light. But the Justicar and I think it may be? There was a [scratchout] druid we met by the fire and he sed that there were sky something jools it might be with a little fire in them. And sometimes paldins would put Light in jools and they used this to fight in Northrend? Or maybe Lody has to cry on the jool and then it will do things? 

The Justicar wanted me to give the sword to you to look at and [scratchout] look at the jool and see what you can find maybe. If you can take out the jool seprate or if the jool is sensative to the Light and what the sword [scratchout] is made of and stuff like that. And then talk to her agen so we can plan things and use it to help Lody. 

I must go. It is time to meditate. I am medittating more becus I need to becus the wolf has been close lately and I like being at peese. The Justicar sed that praying was a bit like meditation. [scratchout] I hope Lody can find her prayrs agen sometime becus [scratchout] it is very nice for me and I think she would need peese and quiet too. 


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