Dear Master Gouken,

I wanted to write you to let you know I am still alive and doing well. I am currently in camp with the Pathfinder Society at the Androsphinx of Zukeberi. Through a rather remarkable series of events, I have found a likeminded group of travelers and together we have taken a “job” to from the Black Sails Company to find and stop a gnoll slaving ring, likely led by a gnoll wearing black armor embossed with the symbol of Lamashtu.

As you can see, things have been quite busy! I find myself with plenty of chances to practice my technique, usually on unsavory sorts, because these slavers are very bad- very bad indeed. I have explored lost mines and the ruins, and the city of Sothis, and I continue to pursue perfection in my endeavors. Most recently (yesterday) we went into the Androsphinx despite a very nasty illusion, several undead, and a few traps. We killed the undead -for real, this time- and received the help of some kind of strange spirit to discover a secret room with a Fountain of Lamashtu. This, we proceeded to melt/blow up, and after we killed a homunculus who came to investigate the noise, so I know we are on the right track. We also uncursed the tomb and recovered several kidnapped members of the Pathfinder society who were to be enslaved! There’s been only one or two close calls so far, mostly with me being mildly impaled.

Speaking of: a note on my companions, because I know you worry, Master.

Emi is an oracle, who likes stories and belly dancer clothing. She can be… officious, sometimes, and she ate a raw snake in front of me which was An Experience. However, she has proved to be absolutely invaluable as a healer. She is fond of strange, shiny, jingly chain and beaded things, and pretty things, and stories. Her clothing isn’t… very practical, but she seems to enjoy it. Emi is also a craftsman of note, following her god, Abbadar.

Agatha is an Andoran, and a gunslinger- she’s the reason we all met. She paid for a room at the inn for all of us that first night, and she is very kind. She can be blunt and she has a bit of a temper, and she enjoys drinking and her gun. But she is also perceptive and can be excellent company.

Lini is a summoner, who travels with her companion Mr. Squiggles, an orange snake who enjoys wearing a hat. The first time we met he asked if I was food, which thankfully I am not, as he is much larger than a normal snake. Lini is a gnome, and very smart and sort of quiet, with a wry sense of humor and a wealth of magical expertise. She identified the homunculus and we were able to know to kill it quickly because of that, avoiding considerable nastiness. (The creator remains unknown.) Mr. Squiggles is a delightful companion, with an accent and a proper sort of nature. I enjoy both philosophical discussion and fighting alongside him.

Recently we have been joined by Drun, a half orc who is very tall. Agatha and Emi “met” him when they were gathering information at the slave markets undercover, and “purchased” as part of maintaining that cover. Obviously, we freed him. Though we gave him money and armor to go wherever he would like, he decided to stay with us, and assist in pursuing his former captors. He seems to be oddly impressed by me sometimes; I’m not sure why. But we get on very well. I enjoy his quiet stoicness. It reminds me of the Temple. Drun is leaving us, however, to do more work for the Black Sails Company. He might return later, depending on his successes. I rather hope he does. He has had enough hardship. I am glad he is pursuing his own perfection.

All in all, I am well, traveling and honing my skills while I hunt these “slaver bastards” (quote Agatha) and put a stop to their Lamashtu-worshipping-slaving-awfulness. We are to travel downriver, following Drun’s lead, from the Sphinx to Wati. Hopefully more information will be forthcoming there.

I am currently working on my footwork. You were correct, my speed and agility is my greatest defense, and I intend to capitalize on this as much as I can. I continue my meditation as well, though I miss the waterfalls.

Also, do you have any advice on how to get people to take you more seriously when you are small and furry? Humans have strange hangups, and I am a monk, not “a cute lil mousie”.

I hope you are well, and pursuing your perfection to satisfaction.


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  • wynnri
    December 31, 2017 at 12:52 pm
    Aww, very nice.
  • Ari
    January 2, 2018 at 6:51 pm
    Good to meet Chiro! How nice of her to write back to her master as well. With the introduction of her fellow party members, helped me get better context, to boot. Also, what's up with all the pet snakes?! :o

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