Dear Master Gouken,

I am now in the city of Wati, where we have had some excitement (a trip to the Necropolis and a ruined mansion with a two headed undead demon dog, a sarcophogus full of scarabs, a small ghost child in a crypt, and an extremely unpleasant massive centipede were involved) and discovered much about the cultists and it’s leader. 

We have also made a lot of money. Over five hundred gold for me alone. I frankly have no idea what to do with it, as I am a monk and have no need for such things, but the other members of my group may need the funds. Or perhaps I will donate it. Hmm. Does the School need money? Perhaps I should send some back home to the clan? 

There have been a few close calls, but I can feel myself improving. I am stronger every day, with every fight, and I learn from every battle. For example, punching a massive centipede anywhere but the eye or another vulnerable part is less than effective. Punching a cloud of scarabs is entirely ineffective. Punching a cultist is very effective. Agatha says I need to learn to wield other weapons, but I don’t see the point. My hands and my feet are my weapons, as always, and if not them then my staff. 

The mage who made the homunculus is also apparently making more Waters of Lamashtu. His name is Veleus. While my knee jerk reaction is to find him and stop him (you always said I was a direct personality) I think in this case I may borrow a leaf from your book and try prudence instead. Lini says he must be a very, very powerful mage, emphasis on the very, and… I am not above admitting when I am outclassed, however much I dislike doing that. I have no wish to die prematurely. 

The gnoll has a name: Hlasho, the so called “Pharaoh of Fang”, which is entirely pretentious if I’m being perfectly frank. Name aside, he too looks like a powerful foe, with the command of many under him. Not that this will stop me. It just means I need to be stronger. He’s located somewhere in the Brazen Frontier to the South. 

In other, less grim news, we may go seek out a dragon rumored to have saved a caravan from bandits. It’s either a copper or a bronze, we think. Emi is all afire for the stories (it’s a kitsune thing, I believe) and perhaps he could give us some insight into our foes. If nothing else, it will be a welcome change of pace and an excellent adventure… even if it does involve venturing into the Footprints of Rovagug. 

I am running low on tea supplies. At the risk of being materialistic, the tea here is not as good as the Temple; it’s darker with more of a kick in the mornings. I miss the subtle interplay of flavors. But in the end, it is a small thing, and perhaps I shall find new teas to enjoy. 

The sunrise today was shades of pink and peach and golden in a fading twilight sky. 

I am off to practice. I hope this letter finds you and the rest of the Temple safe and well. 


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  • vendon
    January 8, 2018 at 2:33 pm
    Upon return to the Black Sails port, the following letter and parcel are waiting: Chiro, I am glad to see that your travels are aiding you in your progress. Learning from life is the foundation of our school. "One may seek perfection in the divine, but never forget where your feet are." The Grand Master has remained true to this code as long as I can remember. The school is fine financially, but donations are appreciated if it does no harm. Tread carefully when dealing with magic. You must be prepared in body, mind, and soul if you are to contend with one who wields spells. This Pharaoh of Fangs you mention is known to me. I thought he would have died by now, but his reputation for violence surpasses even his rumored capacity for cruelty. Dragons are... a difficult matter. Should you encounter one of these beasts, be sure to know the mannerisms of its color! It is best to encounter a metal colored dragon, as they are the more benevolent of their kind. I urge you caution in this. If the information is incorrect, and you encounter a chromatic, I fear your life will be forfeit. A final note, I have also received letters from Saito. He as arrived at Master Syzoth's school on the Isle of Wyverns. Out of respect for his wishes, I will only say that he is humbled by such a different approach that Master Syzoth uses. The only advice I may give you is that Syzoth will test your will in ways I find... excessive. However, I assure you that the Grand Master and him have had many discussion on his teaching methods. They both know what goes on in his school, and he has Grand Master Shao's blessing. Contained in the parcel is the last harvest of my Oolong. It should suffice for a month. ~Master Gouken
  • Ari
    February 4, 2018 at 5:15 pm
    Fortunately for them, later on, they encounter a Copper dragon! Or do they? I don't know whether the one I've been reading about in @vendon 's journals is one the party meets!

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