[In Cael’s usual poor handwriting, on thick, unfamiliar parchment:]

Dear Mosur

Hello. I am in PANDARIA now. IT IS SO PRITTY HERE. Mosur you need to see how pritty it is here. Wei was rite. The pandarin are very frenly and keep[scratchout] trying to feed me things. I do not know how to tell them I [scratchout] [scratchout scratchout] [scribble] do not like food from peepl I do not trust. 

[A line of scratchouts here, like a small paragraph was obliterated.] 

I know it is not poysined. I know they are probly good peepl who do not hurt stranjers. But. It is hard. I do not feel what I know. I do not have words for it and it is confussing. 

[scratchout] But it is so pritty here I am still ok. 

The trees are pink. Like sunsits. Soled pink. There are many flowers and plants and it is warm. There are some danjers. I have lerned what a[scratchout] TIGER is. TIGERS are pritty in thier own way. I bet the elments here would be very nice. 

I am going to be lerning pol arms. The monks use them here. I saw one standing on a leef thing in the water. He was going verry sloly, but he still kept his balans. Kory sez that becus of what I want to do I need a bladed staf more than a pol arm. I am still not sure what the diffrens is. 

I will be lerning other things too. Maybee the munks can help me with my WOLF. [scratchout]

Mosur it is so PRITTY here. It is peesful. I love WESTGARD, but it is so so so SO pritty here. 

Also I need your help. I have a littl tree. I nee to figgur out how to take good care of it. It is a very small pink pritty tree. I told them they did not have to give it to me but they insistid.[scratchout] I am scarred I will not know the proper way to take care of it. Plees help. 

I have sent you seeds. They are seeds from the pritty pink trees so you can have pritty pink trees too. I have also sent you a hat becus it is a handee hat and I think you would look nice in a hat. 

My hand is hurting now. Writing is hard. 

I miss you. Plees be safe and well. 



[Enclosed is a draeni-sized straw hat in a bod and a small paper packet of seeds.] 

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